Here are a few points to take under consideration as you revamp your wardrobe:


When buying “off the rack,” the chances of a perfect fit are rare. If it flatters your body, you feel good in it.

If it requires simple alterations, it is money well spent to have a trained professional alter the garment to fit your body.


How many times have you spent an entire day shopping only to come home empty handed or with disappointments? A better use of your time and hard-earned income is to find a professional in your area to make a custom creation for you. Certainly, custom clothing is an investment, but done in the finest fabric you can afford and created especially to fit your body, it is a contribution worth making.


If a custom clothier is out of your reach, consider employing your local seamstress.

Every style imaginable is at your fingertips in the form of a ready-to-sew pattern available at any fabric store.
Before choosing your material, be sure to have your measurements honestly recorded by a friend or your dressmaker to be sure to obtain a perfect fit.


Whether engaging a custom clothier or a seamstress to create a garment for you, don’t hesitate to ask for references or to see some examples of their work.

A qualified professional should welcome the request.


When investing in custom clothing, be sure to insist on generous seam allowances.
None of us like to imagine the possibility of finding the need to accommodate a few pounds, but the expense of an alteration will be considerably more welcome than the price of remaking the garment.