Yellow Hot Stick Bag

The yellow bag was custom made for Intermountain Electronic in Price, Utah, for one of their customers to hold a hot stick and wipes. I used a waterproof canvas fabric and created two inner pockets with a Velcro closer.

It also has one clear plastic outer pocket for a business card, a handle on one side made with black nylon strapping, and a white Velcro closer on top.

Craft Bags

These sweet bags are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to embroider works of art. They are made using quilted fabric prints trimmed with lace.

The inside pockets are zip lock baggies and a small felt pocket which holds the thread and needles.

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Backpack Makeover

The camo backpack has extra pockets added to it to hold certain items.

Each compartment is a different size in order to hold different items.

 Daily Wear and Office Apparel

Just because a particular cut fails to flatter your body, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to abandon the idea all together.

A custom clothing professional can re-create something more suitable to your frame in keeping with the style you desire.

Custom Wedding Dresses

Alma Sews 4U can create themed wedding dresses, and shirts, vests, ties and coats for grooms, ushers, and little ring bearers.

She can even sew a dress for the mothers of the bride and groom if they want.

Invest in customizing

If you still aren’t convinced custom clothing is for you, consider basing your wardrobe on well fitting essentials.

The simple little black dress, an impeccably tailored pencil skirt or pant in your choice of neutral color, or a classic overcoat, will be your best friend for years to come.

You don’t have to be wealthy to invest in good custom pieces. 

Think of them as a business investment since image counts for a lot.  Well fitting garments make you look great regardless of your shape or size.

Investing in one good custom piece to add to your wardrobe this season will inspire you to add as many pieces as you can afford for seasons to come. You will surely wonder how you ever managed without your custom wardrobe.